Dog Walking Prices Ellesmere Port

Dog Walking Prices Ellesmere Port
Ellesmere Port Dog Walking Prices

Dog Walking Prices Ellesmere Port fom Vip Dog Walking, my dog walkingd prices also include treats and rubbdown.

Dog Walking Prices £10

VIP dog walks at affordable dog walking prices guaranteed by local Ellesmere Port dog walking enthusiast. I guarantee your dog will love their walks by making them fun and full of activities for them to complete. And with it only being £10 an hour for your dog’s walk were can you really go wrong. Your dog will go to a local field or park were he can do many activities like chasing a ball or frisbee or maybe your dog prefers a nice slow walk with many treats to be had diet permitting.

Dog Wash £20

With our dog wash we will place the dog in a bath that is filled with nice hot water were the dog can have fun and have a little splash in the water. Then we fill it will bubbles just so he ca have a little more fun. Then we shampoo your dog and make his coat shine. We alaways condition the dog so his coat is nice and fluffy. Including nails clipped and taken back to your house nice and clean and dry. And if your dog has some sort of allergies you must inform us.

Dogy Visits £9

If your get a dogy visit we can come over to your house open the door let him run around then take him back in the house feed him give him water or anything else you think he need to have. All you need to do is tell us on the phone and give us instructions on what you want doing for your dog and we can do it for you.

Dogy Sleepover £29

When you get a dogy sleep over we will walk him to our home so he will get some exercise and then he can play with my two very nice French bulldogs. We will feed him give him affection and he will not need to sleep In a kennel. Yes that is write no kennel. He can sleep with my two French bulldog so he will never be alone. We can ashore you that your dog will have the best sleepover ever.

Dog Walking Prices

VIP Dog walking prices in Ellesmere Port by dog loving dog walker local to the Ellesmere Port area. Your dog will be treated like a Very Important Pooch (VIP). And I will make your dog’s walk so much more than just exercise. As a local Ellesmere Port dog walker. I use many of the local areas to walk your dog. Also, if they get on with other dogs. They will get the chance to meet lots of friends.

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dog walking prices dog walking prices